Year 6 into Year 7

Moving from Primary to Secondary School is the next exciting stage in growing up.

At JFK students will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of subjects and activities; sports, music, art and drama are some of the exciting opportunities and experiences available. Leaving primary school and moving to a new and much bigger school can be daunting, our aim is to make all of our students feel welcome and safe so that when students start Year 7, they will make a fantastic start to what will be some of the best years of their life.

We have a Taster Day in July where students visit the school for a day. This gives them the opportunity to meet other new students who are joining in September and experience a variety of lessons. There is also an Information Evening held for parents and carers in May where they can learn more about JFK and become more acquainted with members of staff. There is also another evening in July where parents and carers are invited in to school where they have the opportunity to purchase uniform and school equipment.