Year 13 onwards

The Sixth Form Team, including Form Tutors closely monitor student progress and personalise the support that each student needs through target setting, learning conversations and mentoring. We seek to develop the whole individual and foster a strong sense of community that is rooted in our Catholic ethos. We provide opportunities to pursue ambitions, interests and passions and develop skills and talents, celebrate personal and academic achievements and encourage students to contribute to the wider community and make a difference. We strive to provide an environment in which students experience the right balance of independence and supportive guidance. Including a programme of enrichment talks, covering a wide range of topics. We challenge Sixth Form students to take responsibility and exercise leadership in preparation for their futures.

Summary of the application process:

Summer Term      Year 12 Begin writing Personal Statements

September             Year 13 UCAS References written

October                 Year 13 Oxbridge entries made

January                  Year 13 Deadline for Applications