Year 11 into Year 12

Life in the Sixth Form is different to that in the main school. It is a time when students mature from adolescence to adulthood; students are expected to take increasing responsibility for their learning and management of their time. JFK values its Sixth Form students very highly and places great emphasis on the contribution that each individual student makes to the school community as a whole. JFK believes that it is the good working relationship between parents and carers, students and staff that will help guide students' development to help realise their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. We develop independent, ambitious and successful individuals who set themselves high expectations.

For those students who decide to take A Levels, the process for applying for Sixth Form begins in the autumn term of Year 11. Deciding which is the best path for each individual student is a journey the students do not make alone. They will discuss ideas with their Form Tutor in student appraisal time, have meetings with Youth Connexions and also meet with a member of SLT or Achievement Team to confirm their decision. Our Sixth Form Open Evening in late November is an opportunity to speak to subject teachers and current Sixth Form students about possible subject choices.

We encourage all students to undertake their own independent research on the possible subject combinations for particular career paths. The booklet "Informed Choices", produced by the Russell Group of Universities is available and is an essential point of reference. There is also the opportunity to speak to current Sixth Form students in the chosen subjects. Further information on the minimum number of points required to be eligible for the Sixth Form as well as the grades needed for individual subjects is available in the Sixth Form area of the website.

Following an interview with a senior member of staff, students will either submit their applications or apply to Sixth Form College. There is an induction day in June for all potential Sixth Form students to begin the process of transition from KS4 to KS5. Subject to successful examination results in August, students will begin their courses in September.

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