Support & Guidance

We strive hard to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment which promotes a strong culture of learning, equality and respect where students are supported to be their best. This is demonstrated in the excellent exam results achieved by our past students. 

“The strong pastoral system offers good guidance and support and prepares the majority of students well for higher education”  OFSTED

Student Support Team

The Sixth Form pastoral team are based in the Sixth Form Office on the Bridge.  This is the hub and the first place that students can go to for help with general enquiries and support.  

We regularly have students who show potential for Oxford or Cambridge and we fully support these students throughout the rigorous selection process.

Student Well-Being

We recognise that from time to time personal issues might impact on student’s work.  We have a school counsellor on site for confidential support and we are fortunate in having a Life Coach who can offer sessions of support. Speak to the Sixth Form Team about booking sessions. Health awareness is promoted throughout the year with PHSE sessions, guest speakers and poster information. 

16-19 Bursary Fund for Financial Hardship

This is administered by the Sixth Form Office and all cases are dealt with in a confidential manner. If students have difficulty in meeting cost associated with their studies (e.g. books, equipment, trips and visits) students may apply for funding support.


In addition to some of the guest speakers for Enrichment regarding employment and apprenticeships, all students attend a university information fair towards the end of Year 12.  This allows them to ask informed questions directly to any university that they might be considering.  

Students seeking information and guidance about career paths, work experience or apprenticeships can do so via our school careers team and Connexions advisor. 

Study Support

When students join us in Y12 they all participate in a short programme of sessions that shows them tips and techniques on how to work smarter, not harder.   Despite having achieved success at GCSE we know that the depth of study required at A Level combined with the new challenge of managing independent study periods means that all students benefit from learning improved study techniques. 

Sixth Form Study Advisor

Students will have access to 1:1 sessions with our Sixth Form Study Advisor. These sessions can be on an ad-hoc basis when it is felt by the student that there is a need.  Alternatively, it might be that subject teachers or a parent will refer students for advice and support with specific strategies. 

Learning Support 

We have excellent facilities in our dedicated Learning Support facility adjacent to the Learning Resource Centre.  The department is well placed to support students with specific difficulties.