Student Voice

In September each year group elects two representatives to sit on the School Council. The Council meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month, or more frequently if required.

Year Council

Each Form has two representatives, one boy and one girl who meet to discuss issues and make suggestions about their year group.

School Council

Each year group has two representatives who report on the current activities in their year group and any issue that has emerged from their Year Council meeting. In turn recommendations by the School Council are reported back to Achievement Leaders and students in each year. The minutes of every meeting are posted in all Form Rooms and on the School Council Notice Board. Copies are also given to all Achievement Leaders and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The role of representatives is to discuss whole school issues and make suggestions that will improve the management of the school and the involvement of students in the overall life of the school. Recommendations for change that may need the agreement of the Governors of the school will be raised at the Staff and Students' Wellbeing Committee by a representative of the Council.

In recent years the School Council has been instrumental in:

Raising significant amounts of money for charities such as Gamru School in India, Save the Children and the Hope Charity by holding collections, cake sales and the sale of second hand DVDs, CDs and jewellery.

Changing the KS4 uniform (the introduction of black jerseys).

Installing more water fountains, litter bins and picnic tables around school.

Improving recycling throughout the school.

Evaluating and making suggestions regarding the food sold at all break times resulting in more “themed” lunchtimes.

Prioritising the refurbishment of the toilets.