St Mark's

St Mark's Parish Church was built in 2000 and is on the school site adjacent to the M Block where the RE department is based.

The religious education department uses the church in lesson time as appropriate. It is used for group Masses every Tuesday, for liturgies and prayer at various times to fit the liturgical calendar. 

Fr. Vincent Cummerford was the first Parish Priest of St. Marks, he taught in the school, and ministered to the local Catholic community. The current Parish Priest of the four Hemel Hempstead Parishes is Fr. Paul McDermott who is supported by Fr. Kim Addison and Deacon Rev. Dr. Simon Wright.

St. Mark's has strong links with JFK and St. Cuthbert Mayne Junior School both of which are within the Parish .

Together with JFK, St Marks also has close links with the other Catholic Primary Schools in the Hemel Hempstead West area:

St. Rose’s Catholic Infant School

St. Albert the Great Catholic Primary School

St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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