Dress Code

We believe that clear expectations and consistently high standards are essential to success. It is therefore important that Sixth Form students take pride in their appearance and are aware of the impression that their appearance makes as role models within our own school community and amongst the wider community.

As recognition of the Sixth Form students' growing maturity and independence, our dress code is based upon business principles. A business dress code promotes fairness and equality for both boys and girls in our Sixth Form as well as giving them a more adult image; the dress code also strikes a balance between some degree of individuality whilst recognising the importance of setting an example to the younger members of our school community.

The final decision of what is considered to be suitable dress will be Sixth Form Leadership team.  If uncertain, please clarify the suitability of items of clothing and style with them. Students who are dressed in an undignified manner and/or are in breach of the dress code will be sent home or supplied with alternative clothing. Outdoor wear such as coats should be removed during lessons.

In all cases hair should be of a natural colour with no ‘extreme’ style cuts, and there should be no visible tattoos or facial piercings. 

A guide list of what is, and is not allowed can be seen below. 

Sixth Form Dress Code Sixth Form Dress Code