Rewards & Consequences

We feel it is very important to recognise effort, hard work and success. If a student has completed a good piece of work or has shown great improvement in their work, they can be rewarded with a behaviour award.

JFK Behaviour Hexagon

Exceptional Behaviour - Headteacher's Award/SFI Ambassador Award

Excellent Behaviour - Achievement Award/SFI Award/Commendation/Entry into Prize Draw

Desired Behaviour - Verbal Praise/House Point Issued

Expected Behaviour - Meeting all the requirements of the LT10/Verbal Praise

Classroom Sanction - Verbal Reprimand/Relocation within the classroom/LT10 Card Signed

Formal Sanction - Lunchtime Detention/Temporary removal from the classroom

Department/School Sanction - Orange Slip completed, Inclusion and Friday after school detention


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