Public Examinations

The school achieved an SSAT Educational Outcomes Award (2014) for being in the top 20% of all non-selective schools nationally for high average grades achieved by students.

Results 2017

Public Examination Certificates will arrive in school by 31st October. The school will host a Presentation Evening in December, to which students and parents will be invited, and certificates will be presented to students. If students are unable to attend the Presentation Evening they may collect certificates from school, please give the Exams Officer advanced notice so that certificates can be prepared. Please note that it is not the policy of the school to send out these documents by post. Please be advised that replacement certificates are not available and these important documents should be kept in a safe place.

Public Examinations 2019

If you have any queries regarding public examinations please contact Miss Harnett, Examinations Officer by email:

JFK Information & Guides

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) is the organisation under which the Examining Boards are constituted. The JCQ provides common administrative arrangements, instructions and procedures for the efficient and fair running of public examinations.

Some useful information for students and parents and carers is listed below: