Psychology is concerned with understanding the experience and behaviour of humans and what makes people ‘tick’.

It has a strong scientific background and requires skills in scientific research methods and a competent grasp of maths. It is an extremely popular choice for A Level and many students go on to study it at university level in areas which require an understanding of human behaviours such as forensic psychology, human resources, marketing, clinical or educational psychology.



A Level Psychology follows the AQA Syllabus.

At AS the two units studied are:

  • Unit 1 Cognitive Psychology including the study of memory and development psychology which looks at the way a young child forms attachments. This unit also covers research methods.
  • Unit 2 Biological Psychology focuses on stress, social psychology (including conforming and obedience) and psychopathology which look at mental illness and its treatment.

At A2 the two units studied are:-

  • Unit 3 topics include aggression, gender issues, sleep and sleep disorders.
  • Unit 4 looks at addiction, schizophrenia and research methods.