Why Choose Photography?

At GCSE the course provides you with an excellent opportunity to develop a personal and structured approach to Photography by exploring ideas together with the work of other photographers. You will develop critical skills in both practical and written work and acquire a high level of composition and presentation skills.

We are committed to helping you to gain a more informed understanding and appreciation of both the photographic art form and the world around you. We will help and support you to develop your imaginative, experimental and expressive powers and your intellectual, analytical and technical skills.

Our course uses digital cameras and you will have access to a wide range of lenses that will allow you to comprehensively experiment with your images. You will also learn to use the iMacs in our design studio with industry and standard software to manipulate imagery to a high standard. We are fortunate to have a dedicated photography studio space with professional lighting allowing you complete control over your lighting.

At AS and A2 level, students engage with photography to a much greater depth using the facilities and tools detailed above. A good grade in Photography at A Level provides an excellent foundation for you if you are considering a related course at university or for a career in the arts. Exploring the world around you with the associated research also develops valuable skills that have direct relevance to many aspects of everyday life and career paths.

As you progress into A2, you will have significant freedom to follow and develop your specialty with the photography genre. We will also support you in preparing your portfolio for application to art foundation and degree courses.

Although Photography can be combined with most subjects, taking it alongside Art & Design, Art History, Graphics, Fashion Textiles or Media Studies makes it an ideal choice for students considering a career in some form of visual communication, such as fine art photography, photojournalism, fashion photography etc.

AS & A2 Entry Requirements:

At least 5 GCSE grades A*-C

Grade C in English Language

Grade C in Mathematics, and

Grade C (or equivalent) in Art or Photography is preferred but not essential. Evidence of practical experience or a strong interest will also be considered.