Media Studies is a subject which aims to provide students with an exciting and unique opportunity to develop their interest in the media. The department believe that media is an important factor in all of our lives whether it is television, cinema, pop music and video, or newspapers, magazines and online.

Media Studies is a subject which aims to develop students into more critical consumers and producers of the media and provides its learners with a better understanding of how the media shapes our everyday lives.


Key Stage 4

Media Studies is an option choice for all Year 10 students; Years 10 and 11 students follow the AQA course. The two year course covers a broad spectrum of Mass Media. Students will study magazines, film and advertising. Assessment is a variety of coursework tasks and an exam topic chosen by the exam board each year.


Key Stage 5

This is a popular subject at A Level. Students follow the OCR A Level option which offers the opportunity to combine a theoretical understanding of the mass media in society and methods for analysing media texts (e.g. television programmes, films, advertising and the press) with the development of practical skills for media production. The balance of theory and practical work means that students learn about how media industries operate research and investigate issues and debate about the role of the media in society, analyse texts from a variety of media, and produce texts of their own.