Government and Politics

This is a fantastic time to study politics, with debates over Scottish nationalisation, the UK's place in Europe and the battle for the Presidency of the USA.  

At AS Level students complete two modules on British politics, one of which concentrates on political parties, elections and pressure groups. The other module looks at the role and effectiveness of key institutions of government; the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Parliament and the judiciary.
At A2 Level students study similar themes but this time on American politics e.g. the Constitution, Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, elections and voting, political parties and racial and ethnic politics.  Both at AS and A2 the course is assess by examination.  There is no coursework.

There are also plenty of opportunities for students to become involved in local events such as the local democracy day in Dacorum and question time style debates at St Albans Abbey. Students also visit Parliament for a tour and workshop and attend revision conferences in London. Guest speakers are often invited to share their area of expertise, eg representatives of all the main political parties.

The course suits students who have a genuine interest in current affairs and enjoy engaging in debate about interesting and sometimes controversial areas of pubic life.