Extended Project Qualification

Many students take up the opportunity of an EPQ to demonstrate their interest in a topic outside the A level syllabus and one that they are really interested in researching.

The EPQ is equivalent to half an A level and requires students to produce a single piece of work of their own choosing, showing evidence of planning, preparation, research and working independently. Students are guided and supported by a facilitating tutor. 

As the EPQ demonstrates a clear ability to work independently and depth of interest in a topic, it is valued by universities and employers. 

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Recent examples include;

  • Are deaf people scared by horror movies?
  • What reasons are driving the growth in cruise ship holidays?
  • How to devise effective visual merchandising to drive up sales.
  • Is it possible to determine the causes of autism?
  • How effective is restorative justice?
    How does the factory approach to producing music in MoTown in the 1960’s compare to modern music artist management?
  • What is dark matter and why should we study it?
    To what extent is universality of law attainable under international jurisdiction?
  • Does a home built electric guitar offer an affordable and versatile alternative to a shop bought instrument? (Artefact)
    Was the Air France 447 crash caused by an over-reliance on automation?
  • To what extent did the UN's actions lead to the genocides in Yugoslavia and Rwanda?