Core RE

In Year 12 you will study Core RE leading to a Level 2 qualification accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN).

Each student that successfully passes the course will receive an NOCN Certificate, a nationally recognized qualification which demonstrates that you have successfully completed a course in Religious & Moral Education.

Why do we have Core RE?

There are a huge number of benefits to the study of this course:

develop your key skills

opportunities for Spiritual development

opportunity to enjoy learning without the stress of it leading to an exam

adds a distinctive element to your UCAS application,

making you stand out as a candidate offering more than the standard number of qualifications

Further to this, the study of RE is a legal expectation placed upon all schools. As a Catholic School, this is an expectation which we take seriously and one which you have made a commitment to, when you choose Sixth Form at JFK.

To pass the course you need to attend regularly, participate in the discussions and debates, complete the group work and submit the written elements of the Course Handbooks.