The Chaplaincy Team forms a vital part of the school’s life, especially the spiritual journey of staff and students.  The team is responsible for upholding and supporting the Catholic Life of the school in a variety of ways.  It aims to encourage students to develop a sense of the transcendent and reflect on the presence of God in their lives; most significantly by providing a range of opportunities for students to develop their prayer life. There are celebrations of the events in the liturgical calendar such as Ash Wednesday, Lent (Stations of the Cross) and Advent. Mass is celebrated to mark the beginning and the end of the school year, on important feast days as well as weekly Masses for individual teaching groups. The Chaplaincy Team also support the daily and weekly Collective Acts of Worship and liturgies that celebrate the student's journeys through JFK. The team organise and may run retreats that are offered to all students in school. 

Alongside this, the Chaplaincy Team maintains a presence and an availability to support students  and supports Acheivement Teams across the school. 

The Team:

Father Kim Addison - Assistant Parish Priest for the Hemel Parishes

Mrs D Kolka – Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Fahey - Subject Leader for Religious Education

Mr J Brophy - Assistant Subject Leader for Religious Education 

Mrs K Holton - Religious Education Teacher (P/T)

Mr Callum Moore - Leader of Youth Ministry

REaction Team - Student Chaplaincy (Members of KS3, KS4 and KS5)


REaction Team

The REaction Team is a student group which includes students from Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. They assist in promoting and encouraging the Catholic Life of the School amongst students. So far they have been involved by serving as Eucharistic Ministers, reading in Mass, leading Key Stage 3 Retreats, encouraging devotion in church at lunchtime during the month of Remembrance (November), supported the organisation of liturgies and driving charity focused events (such as our reverse Advent Calendar).

The group has a broad membership but is always open to students who would like to get involved. Those that are keen to join are encourages to speak to the Year 12 and 13 REaction Team members, who photographs and names are displayed in M Block. 



Rome Trip

Students have the opportunity to participate in a trip to Rome which runs every other year during Lent. The trip is led by Fr. Derek Hyett who was a former assistant Parish Priest for the area and is now Parish Priest in Our Lady and St Joseph, Kingsland. During the trip we attend a Papal Audience and visit the Vatican and St Peters as well as other places of interest. The trip gives an opportunity to find out about the history of your faith and to see the way that the faith is alive and practised in Rome.



The Chaplaincy Team together with the RE Department, provide Retreats for all years. These are an opportunity for students to reflect on personal and spiritual issues in a relaxed and fun way. Key Stage 3 Retreats are day retreats which whole Forms participate in. Key Stage 4 retreats are residential and students are given the opportunity to decide whether to participate.

Year 7 Retreat

‘We are one body’ (Romans 12)
Our Year 7 retreats are run by the Chaplaincy Team including the REaction Team, at Felden Lodge in Boxmoor, and take place in the first half-term of the academic year. The Year 7 retreats have two purposes. The first is a chance to reflect on the ‘one-ness’ of the group, in the light of being a Catholic school. We spend time exploring a passage from Romans 12, using creative expressions of prayer, drama and discussion. The second purpose is simply to give the students a 'retreat' from the school providing the opportunity to forge relationships with their Form Tutor, their RE teacher as well as the rest of their Form. It is a great way to start school life, allowing Jesus to be at the centre of our journey.


Year 8 Retreat

‘Who do you say I am?’ (Matthew 16)
The Year 8 retreats are led by the SPEC Team, based at their retreat centre in Pinner, and they take place in the first half of the spring term. During the day the students explore the question "who do we think Jesus is?" Using drama, games and meditation, the Team lead the students through a thoughtful, reflective day, with opportunities to further develop their relationships with members of their form and their Form Tutor, and to enjoy time away from school together.


In 2018 the SPEC Centre will cease to run day retreats and will concentrate on residential ones, the Chaplaincy Team is now working with the Westminster Youth Ministry to provide a retreat in the summer term.


More information about the Westminster Youth Ministry can be found at


Year 9 Retreat

"Let your light shine before people, so they can see the good things you do" Matthew 5:16


Year 9 students participate in a retreat in school, in the second half of the summer term. The students explore the theme of the difference we can make in the world around us, the specific focus is on the Common Good and social justice. The Chaplaincy Team facilitates the day which is organised in half year groups. The focus is not just on specific spiritual reflection, but gives the students the opportunity to continue to develop their relationship with their Jesus and fellow students.  


Key Stage 4 Retreat

‘The Easter Story’
Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to go on a weekend residential retreat in the second half of the spring Term. The weekend is held locally at Felden Lodge and led by the Chaplaincy Team, where students explore the Easter story more fully, from the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem through to the Resurrection. Students have the chance to reflect on these stories through a variety of creative sessions, as well have having plenty of time to just ‘be’ – a chance to pause and be themselves in the midst of their busy GCSE years.


Key Stage 5 Retreat

The Retreat will be held overnight which will be held locally. This will be planned in conjunction with the REaction Team and will include a theme and activities of the students' choosing.