Business Studies

The philosophy of the specification incorporates the belief that the study of Business Studies should require candidates both to understand the dynamic environment in which business operates and to appreciate the many varied factors which impact upon business activity and business behaviour. Sudents will work towards gaining an understanding of the issues facing UK businesses in the 21st Century.

A holistic understanding of business studies is encouraged. Delivery of the specification content should emphasise the integrated nature of business problems and solutions. The unitised design of the specification, however, enables candidates to be assessed in particular aspects of business activity and business behaviour. The specification content is delivered with reference to examples of business activity and business behaviour. These examples should be drawn from local, national and international contexts.


The specification also requires an approach in which business activity and business behaviour is considered from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives include:

  • Interests of different stakeholders in business
  • Need for sustainability in business
  • Effect of business activity on the environment
  • Increasing importance of ethics in business decision making
  • Globalisation of business activity 

This specification contains one Controlled Assessment Unit for which evidence can be submitted electronically via the OCR Repository. The specification can reasonably be undertaken by students entering this area of study for the first time. In addition, the course of study prescribed by the specification provides a suitable route for progression to AS and Advanced GCSEs in this subject.