Biometric Data

In line with many schools, JFK uses biometric fingerprint data to provide students with secure ease of access to Cashless Payments in the canteen, Sixth Form eRegistration and LRC facilities.  The fingerprint data is stored in a unique format that can only be read by our systems.  

Using the biometric cashless catering system improves our ability to serve food quickly, efficiently and reduce the amount of cash circulating within the school. 

For use in the canteen, the student simply chooses their lunch items and scans a finger at the till; this displays their name, photo and account balance to the till operator who then enters the cost of their food items, deducts the total from the account and the transaction is complete.

There is no facility to apply credits to accounts so please ensure that your account is topped up. Payments can be made online using Wisepay, or you can top up your account using the cash loader in Student Services. This means that, like a top-up phone, you can maintain credit on your account in the knowledge that it will secure because only your fingerprint can use it, unlike the cards that are often misplaced.  

The eRegistration system for the Sixth Form will enable students to accurately register in and out of school, and automatically updates the SIMS register.  Using fingerprints, the process is very quick with two points located on the Bridge and one in the LRC.