The School Day

School begins at 8.50 with registration and Form Period. Lessons start at 9:05 and morning break is between 11:05 and 11:30, lunch is between 13:30 and 14:20.  The school day ends at 3.30 p.m. 

Sixth Form students have the privilege of being allowed off-site during break and lunch but must remain on the premises during their study periods. 

In order to maintain curriculum balance and teach 5 periods of 1 hour per day, the timetable operates over a two-week cycle.

Attendance at all PSHE lessons, Enrichment sessions and Core RE (Timetabled Core RE) lessons is compulsory. 


Attendance plays a crucial role in achievement. Experience clearly demonstrates that excellent attendance is fundamental in achieving academic success.  Attendance is monitored closely and issues are dealt with before they become problems. 

If a student is ill, we ask that a parent or carer telephone the Sixth Form absence line 01442 229137 ON THE FIRST DAY OF ABSENCE AND FOR EACH SUBSEQUENT DAY giving details of their illness. 

We ask that upon return, a note from the parent or carer is entered into the students home school record book.

Foreseeable absences must be notified in writing to the Sixth Form Office in advance.  Medical and dental appointments must be made outside of school hours.  These are not authorised absences.

Driving Lessons

For some, learning to drive is a key factor in their development but do take note that no driving lessons are to be booked in school time. 

Driving tests may be booked to coincide with a personal study period, but this will need to be agreed in advance with the Sixth Form Team.

Leave of Absence 

Due to amendments to government legislation entitled ‘The Education (Pupil Regulation) (England) Regulations 2006’, head teachers are now unable to grant any leave of absence during term time.   In any case, parents or carers should write in with their request to Mr Neves via his PA, Ms E Final (email:  However, any absence will have a detrimental effect on your child’s education during these crucial examination years.

Home Study

Home study privileges may be granted to Y13 students who meet certain criteria.  Details of this will be provided in Year 13. 

SIMS InTouch

All parents and carers are requested to sign up to the SIMS InTouch system.  This enables notifications and important information to be communicated electronically by the school.